QuickBooks Error 12002

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 12002?

QuickBooks software is enriched with numerous features that allow its users to handle all the financial activities daily. However, there might be several instances in which you have to deal with various technical glitches. At the moment, we are going to elaborate on one such error “QuickBooks Error 12002” that might encounter due to a network timeout or improper internet connection. Apart from this, there can be various instances in which the error encounters.

If you have also got the same error code frequently, you have to learn about the reasons behind it. And then, follow some effective instructions to troubleshoot the error 12002 QuickBooks. Well, you don’t need to go anywhere as the complete information has provided in the following article.

What does QuickBooks Error 12002 mean?

QuickBooks Error Code 12002 might encounter when the software is failed to access the internet connection. An improper internet connection or network timeout could be the most important reason behind the error occurrence. Additionally, while updating the QuickBooks payroll, an error message encounters on the screen.

“Error 12002: A network timeout that prevents QB from launching the server.”

Let’s proceed further to know the numerous causes behind the error 12002 QuickBooks. And then, look for efficient solutions to resolve it in the same post.

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What may lead to QuickBooks Error 12002?

After understanding the Error Code 12002 completely, you must be thinking about the causes behind the error occurrence. Here, we have minimized your efforts by providing you with a complete list of all the probable causes for the same issue. You can look for the causes and then find the solutions accordingly.

  1. When the QuickBooks application is failed to run the server because of a network timeout, this leads to QuickBooks error code 12002.
  2. Due to the incorrect SSL setting, you may get an error message.
  3. The error might take place if Internet Explorer is not set as the default browser.
  4. Because of not having a proper internet connection.
  5. If the internet security or firewall is causing an issue with the connection, this may also display the error 12002 QuickBooks.

Points to keep in mind before resolving QuickBooks Error 12002

Before fixing the error 12002 QuickBooks, you need to follow some steps that may prevent you from losing the data. You must go through all of them one by one.

Point 1: Updating QuickBooks

  • First of all, launch the Help menu and click on Update QuickBooks.
  • After that, choose Update Now.
  • Now, select Get Updates.
  • Sync with the server and display all the updates available.
  • Finally, choose Update Now.

Point 2: Creating a File Backup

  • Firstly, access the QuickBooks application.
  • Click on the File Menu and choose the Backup company file.
  • Next, choose create a local backup.
  • Finally, follow the prompts to make the file backup.

Methods to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 12002

After following the aforementioned points, apply the methods listed below to make the system free of issues. If you can’t deal with such technical glitches alone, you need to call an expert by contacting our team. Or, you can also try to resolve the error 12002 QuickBooks by yourself.

Method 1: Updating the QuickBooks Desktop

  1. First of all, choose the Help menu and click on Internet Connection Setup.
  2. And then, utilize the internet connection settings of my PC to set up a proper internet connection.
  3. Now, choose Next.
  4. Meanwhile, you need to update the QuickBooks application by following the steps below.
  5. Choose the File option and click on the Update tab.
  6. Now, click on the Update Now tab for QB 2006 and earlier versions.
  7. Click on the Update tab and choose the Update Now for QB 2008 and the later versions.

Method 2: Updating Chrome Browser

  1. Firstly, access Chrome Browser on the PC.
  2. Now, choose the More option present at the top right.
  3. And then, click on Update Google Chrome.
  4. To update the browser, wait a moment or two.
  5. Finally, choose Relaunch after completing the updating process.

Method 3: Resetting Updates Settings in Internet Options

  1. The initial step is to choose the Update Now option.
  2. And then, choose Reset Update Checkbox.
  3. Now, choose Get Updates. And if, the updates get failed, then follow the below-mentioned steps:
  4. Choose the Advanced setting and look for Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1, and Use TLS 1.2 options.
  5. After that, make sure that the Use TLS 1.0 has been marked and the left ones are unmarked.
  6. Finally, check whether the issue persists or not.

Method 4: Checking the Internet Explorer Settings

  • First of all, click on QuickBooks and launch Internet Explorer.
  • After that, click on tools and choose the Internet Option.
  • Next, click on the Security Setting and make sure that you have set the security settings to Medium-High.
  • Meanwhile, choose the Globe option and select Content.
  • Now, make sure that you have enabled the content advisor option.
  • Go to the Connection option and follow the steps written below:
  1. Choose Never a Dial Connection and ensure that the correct ISP has been selected.
  2. Then, choose the LAN setting and check that you have enabled the automatically detect settings checkbox.
  3. After that, disable Use a Proxy Server.
  4. Now, unmark port 80.
  5. Finally, click on OK.
  • Click on the Advanced option and follow the steps listed below:
  1. Firstly, choose the Restore Advanced Setting option.
  2. Look for Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1, and Use TLS 1.2 options.
  3. Mark Use TLS 1.0 and unmark the left ones.
  • Now, shut down the Internet Option and choose OK.
  • Close Internet Explorer and start the PC again.
  • Finally, launch QuickBooks and update the application.

Method 5: Verifying the Internet Connection

  1. Firstly, choose the Help option and choose Internet Connection Setup.
  2. Click on Use my PC’s internet connection settings to establish a connection when the application launches the internet.
  3. After that, update the QuickBooks application by following the steps written below:
  4. Choose the Help option and select Update QuickBooks. And then, click on Update Now (For QuickBooks 2008 and later versions)
  5. Choose the File menu and select Update QuickBooks. And then, click on Update Now. ( For QuickBooks 2006 and older versions)
  6. Finally, make sure the error 12002 QuickBooks has been fixed.

Method 6: Setting-up a proper Internet Connection

  1. The initial step is to launch QuickBooks and click on the Help menu.
  2. After that, choose the Internet Connection Set up.
  3. Now, click on Next and Done.
  4. Finally, update QuickBooks and check whether the issue has been fixed.

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Final Note

Here, we have concluded the article regarding QuickBooks Error 12002. The above post contains step by step instructions to fix the error that might hamper your software. If you are concerned to know additional methods or want to contact our team, kindly dial our QuickBooks Error Support Number +1(855)-377-2733. We not only suggest ways to deal with such technical glitches but also you can get help to know about the QuickBooks software. Ring us today to get immediate support for resolving all issues regarding your software.

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