How To Keep Your Sage 50 Data Safe With Data Verification

Sage 50 data safe

Sage 50 Data Safe – Sage 50 is a software that is primarily used for accounting by small businesses. Despite this fact, it is also capable of accounting for big corporations. It continually defends your company database from any damage and helps in the optimization of its performance.

As great as Sage 50 is, errors such as computer hardware failure and network connectivity problems can plague your company database. If you suspect any data damage, you can perform the Data Verification utility to help resolve the problem. This article aims to provide you with steps that you can follow to run the data verification process. In case you face any issue with performing a particular step, contact the Sage support number for assistance.

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Steps To Run The Data Verification

These are the steps that you will need to follow in order to run the Sage 50 Data Safe with Verification procedure:

  • First, you will need to log off of Sage 50. Make everybody else follow suit if you are performing it in an organization.
  • Then, you must log onto Sage 50 as an administrator and change your accounting period to period one.
  • Now, go to the System navigation center, and click on the ‘Verify Data Now’ option.
  • Select the ‘Both Tests’ option and click on ‘Start’ on the Data Verification Selected Tests window.
  • Next, a backup window will appear. Always make this a backup, otherwise, the reliability of the data will not be tested.
  • Sage 50 will start verifying your database once the backup procedure is complete.
  • Sage 50 tells you how many errors it repaired once the process is complete.
  • After that, it provides you with a ‘View Error Log’ option with detailed information about what errors were corrected.
  • Click on the ‘Close’ button to return to your company once the verification is complete. Remember to change back to your current accounting period after you are done.
  • Finally, check to see whether your problem has been resolved or not. If you have managed to correct it, you can resume your daily work.

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Your Issue is Resolved!

We hope this article helped you in understanding Sage 50 Data Safe and how the data verification process works. You might unable to complete the procedure even after following all the steps that are provided above. In such instances, you can always contact the Sage 50 Tech Support Phone Number at 1-855-377-2733 and ask for help. Sage’s top-notch tech support team will alleviate any issues that you might be facing.